I traveled to Orlando, FL for Father’s Day to visit my dear parents. I was really excited to drive there because the open road gives me time to let my brain release itself into random thought, which is therapeutic for me. I also really enjoy being able to listen to long musical sets without having to press pause. Before I travel, I search for my favorite DJ, and find a set that they played at a festival. I turn the music on full blast, and it makes me feel as if I am actually there, jumping and dancing to the beats. It made the ride seem faster,  and after 3.5 hours of that, I arrive at home sweet home. I had a chance to bond with my family, eat meals together, (something that I took for granted when I lived at home) and shopped at one of my favorite second hand shop Plato’s Closet. If you have never heard of this place, it’s a store who buys and sells gently used clothing that is going to be better than what you find at a Salvation Army. The clothes are trendier, and in good conditions. I am a huge advocate of recycling and reusing, so I love places like this. My mom normally comes with me and she is the best because she holds everything I choose as I search through racks and racks of clothing, until I finally get to the fitting room.  By that time, I can barley see her little body there are so many hangers draped over her arm. Sometimes I need a second opinion when trying things on, and at least I can count on my mom on giving me an honest answer. I found a few fun pieces to add to my wardrobe like a funky parrot shirt & Abercrombie jeans for only $20 dollars! Wait for the cat shirt, it’s one of a kind. My favorite part about thrifting is finding so many unique articles of clothing in one store versus going to a mall and entering 18734834 shops to find that they all sell the same things.