When I think about the summer season, the first things that come to mind are bright colors, palm trees, sunshine and beaches. It can also be the perfect time to experiment with different makeup looks. Anyone that knows me, will tell you I wear my winged eyeliner religiously every day. I wanted to try something different but also keep the classic wing. I chose Sephora Brand Long Lasting 12HR Wear Eyeliner- Color 13- in Matte Bright Azure Blue.  The color reminds me of the funky, the disco, and the chill vibez of the season! This new summer time eyeliner inspiration was easy to create because it was already something I practiced everyday, all I did was change the color and added a simple twist to the top of my eyelid. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to be a makeup pro to do this yourself. Summer is a time to travel, go to festivals, and have fun in general, so why not experiment with new ideas and fashion?