(photo by @tropicalstormlaura)

@stgermaindrinks pool side aperitif at the @mondrianhotels in Miami happened and it was hosted by my beautiful friend Laura. Poolside at the Mondrian? Perfect ambiance to enjoy the classic St-Germain cocktail. It’s a bubbly and refreshing drink that consists of brut champagne, St-Germaine, topped with sparkling water. Every time I feel the fizzies on my tongue, it’s like instantaneous satisfaction. St-Germain liquor is made from elderflowers, and has a heavenly taste of honeydew melon, grapefruit, and pear. Enjoying this drink next to the pool with the incredible view of Miami was just what I needed on a Tuesday afternoon. Don’t get it twisted, just because we’re drinking¬† it with champagne doesn’t mean it’s a frou-frou liquor. In fact, St. Germain is super versatile and can be used to put a twist on an old fashion, or even add to a beer for extra flavor. So next time you’re feeling indecisive at the bar, try the St-Germaine cocktail.


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