The past few years, I thought that New Years Resolutions were silly because you set one, and after two days you realize that life won’t be any different than the last. This year, I chose to challenge myself in a creative way, to really push to collaborate with people on more photo shoots and fashion projects. My goal is to style or photograph one editorial photo shoot per month. Last month, I photographed and styled “Flower Porn.” This idea came to me two years ago, one year went by before my eyes, and I realized that I didn’t work on ANY projects. I told myself January 2017 was going to be more focus on building myself in artistic ways. As the photographer and stylist, I was able to have full control over the direction of the shoot. I let the model know that this was going to be experimental and to not expect anything special. What came out was much better than I ever imagined. Shout out to my model Zenia (@babeslayerr) for being so open minded and free, and my ride or die makeup artist Lauren (@lowps)