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  Sucks so much to be in a block. It’s like you know that you’re a creative person but there’s been no inspiration for months. All your mind is saying is create, create create, but you’re staring at a blank canvas and your arm doesn’t […]


There’s something for everyone in NYC.



(photo by @tropicalstormlaura)

@stgermaindrinks pool side aperitif at the @mondrianhotels in Miami happened and it was hosted by my beautiful friend Laura. Poolside at the Mondrian? Perfect ambiance to enjoy the classic St-Germain cocktail. It’s a bubbly and refreshing drink that consists of brut champagne, St-Germaine, topped with sparkling water. Every time I feel the fizzies on my tongue, it’s like instantaneous satisfaction. St-Germain liquor is made from elderflowers, and has a heavenly taste of honeydew melon, grapefruit, and pear. Enjoying this drink next to the pool with the incredible view of Miami was just what I needed on a Tuesday afternoon. Don’t get it twisted, just because we’re drinking¬† it with champagne doesn’t mean it’s a frou-frou liquor. In fact, St. Germain is super versatile and can be used to put a twist on an old fashion, or even add to a beer for extra flavor. So next time you’re feeling indecisive at the bar, try the St-Germaine cocktail.



I traveled to Orlando, FL for Father’s Day to visit my dear parents. I was really excited to drive there because the open road gives me time to let my brain release itself into random thought, which is therapeutic for me. I also really enjoy […]


  When I think about the summer season, the first things that come to mind are bright colors, palm trees, sunshine and beaches. It can also be the perfect time to experiment with different makeup looks. Anyone that knows me, will tell you I wear […]


It’s funny how life works out sometimes. You never know who you’re going to meet, and what opportunities can come from them. I met two women from Colombia who were working at the Maison & Objet show here in Miami. I spoke with them about things to do here and, recommended a few places for them to check out. I was so honored when they invited me as their guest to explore the show, and see the exhibits being presented there. I had no idea what to expect, and found myself in interior design wonderland! Maison & Objet is a show that brings together interior designers, architects, and property developers from all over the world to showcase the newest designs, trends, and textiles for homes and businesses. As I walked past all the individual booths, I noticed how some people blend into their space as if they were also on display. I found similarities between interior and fashion design like statement pieces, one can wear one to spruce up your look, or have one hanging in your home.¬† Maison & Objet Summit gave me a different perspective about how a piece of furniture can not only be a functional item, but also a work of art in your home.¬† Carlos Motta, Brazilian wood furniture designer speaks of his creative process here: https://soundcloud.com/cheriepickett/maison-objet-americas-carlos