This post is a bit late but I felt the need to update to show support to my LBGT people. This was the first year I attended Pride Parade in Orlando, FL. Upon arriving there was a serene feeling of unity and strength. It was the first pride parade since the shooting that happened at Pulse Nightclub. Unfortunately, this event hit close to home because not only was it was one of the only clubs I could get into without being 21, but it also was the first place I ever got hit on by a woman, and the first time I ever used a unisex bathroom. The parade was extremely diverse, there were Jewish people showing support, corporations, and even gay doggies parading around in rainbow outfits. The costumes were incredible and the overall energy was all about being united, accepting, and proud. Attending this parade made me realize how grateful I am for the freedom I have just by living here in the U.S. It’s sad that in other countries it’s dangerous and even deadly to be openly gay. To have to hide who you really are seems incredibly devastating and stressful.  Living in Miami is a blessing because everyone is free and accepted here. You may see a drag queen walking down the street and for me, it’s a reminder that anything is possible.

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