Halloween always marks the beginning of the end of the year for me. I love this holiday because you get to dress up in costumes and party, and who doesn’t love that? This was the first year I enjoyed the annual Halloween at Lincoln Rd. So, if you’re not familiar with Lincoln Rd. it’s an outside mall, with restaurants and bars, and an incredible place to simply people watch. Every year people gather to parade the streets in their costumes, and every few block you can find a free dance party in front of one of the many pop up DJ booths. This year, I dressed as a Charles Manson follower. It has been years since I have actually purchased a costume. As a kid, my mother always made me a costume from something she already had, or borrowed a hand me down costume from one of my many cousins.  I was always taught to be resourceful with things, and not create unnecessary waste. I have always carried that idea with me into my adult life. Being a fashion stylist means my wardrobe is full of all types of strange clothes, and props and accessories. Charles Manson follower was a creation from my own closet. Nothing I wore was new, but something I already had at home. The best thing about these random made up costumes is that it’s guaranteed that there will only be one of you out there. No one else has your costume, and I love being that person.

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